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Florida Governor Rick Scott and Anthropology, one year later

This post was originally prepared as a statement for the FPAN website in Fall of 2011 in direct response to the Governor’s rant against the Liberal Arts and, in particular, Anthropology. A recent article by Mary Jo Melone about work […]

What to do if you find human remains in Florida

The Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research has posted a new webpage ( detailing what to do if you find human remains in Florida. Human remains are protected by Florida statute regardless of where they are found and regardless of whether […]

Geocaching with FPAN

Have you ever witnessed a person suspiciously poking around a bush at a state park? Well, if they were holding a smartphone or a GPS device, they were probably just geocaching! Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt game where players […]

Heritage Tourism in Florida

One of FPAN’s primary goals is promoting heritage tourism to Florida’s fantastic interpreted archaeological and historical sites. These sites range in age from thousands of years old, such as the Miami Circle  and Ft Walton Beach Temple Mound, to the Colonial […]

About this Blog

This new Blog complements those maintained by regional centers of the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN). Our focus here is on topics that are of relevance state-wide or perhaps beyond, while those of the regional centers understandably have a more […]