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Recent Adjustments at FPAN

The Florida Public Archaeology Network has made numerous budgetary adjustments throughout the past five years as the economy of Florida and legislative appropriations have declined. Now that the economy and state revenues have stabilized, we have taken stock of our fiscal position at this point in time, and have made additional adjustments to bring our operations within a budget that is some 20% less than it was before the recession.

Our goal has been to maintain delivery of our programs of outreach, assistance to local governments, and assistance to the Florida Division of Historical Resources in all eight of our FPAN regions. In order to accomplish this with a reduced budget, we are reorganizing regional operations under four hosts (previously we have had six hosts) and with four rather than eight regional directors. Our new structure is thus:

  • University of South Florida will administer the Central and West Central regions (this has been in place for over a year), under director Jeff Moates.
  • Florida Atlantic University as of February 7 will administer the Southeast and Southwest regions, under director Michele Williams. Southwest was formerly hosted by the Florida Gulf Coast University.
  • Flagler College as of February 7 will administer the Northeast and East Central regions, under director Sarah Miller. East Central was formerly hosted by the Florida Historical Society.
  • University of West Florida will administer the Northwest and North Central regions (this has been in place for many years), under director Barbara Hines.

Our new structure does have fewer director-level staff. Two of our directors, Dr. Rich Estabrook (Central) and Dr. Annette Snapp (Southwest) resigned for other opportunities prior to the reorganization. We regret that we are no longer able to retain Dr. Rachel Wentz (East Central) due to the reorganization. Dr. Wentz brought a unique skill-set to FPAN over the years that will be missed. We also regret the end of exceptional hosting relationships with the Florida Historical Society (East Central) and Florida Gulf Coast University (Southwest). We are committed to finding ways to continue working with these stellar institutions as we move forward in our Southwest and East Central regions.

We are fortunate that we have emerged from the other side of the recession with our program fundamentally intact. I recognize also that the reorganization places increased burden on FPAN staff who remain the most amazing, creative, motivated group of public archaeology professionals in the world!

Dr. William B. Lees, RPA
Executive Director, Florida Public Archaeology Network
University of West Florida



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