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Maple Leaf Shipwreck National Historic Landmark damaged by construction?

(updated August 25) The steamboat Maple Leaf  was sunk by a Confederate mine on April 1, 1864, in the St. Johns River. This ship was under contract to the U.S. Army, and had on board the camp equipment and baggage of […]

In Plain Sight: State Archaeological Collections

In Plain Sight: State Archaeological Collections

Archaeological fieldwork involves the careful documentation and discovery of the remains of the past. Once the fieldwork is over, what happens to the artifacts? As scientists, archaeologists are obliged to carefully document and store the artifacts collected during excavations. Properly-curated […]

Isolated Finds 2016: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Bills recently introduced in the Florida Legislature (House Bill 803 and its companion Senate Bill 1054) really concern me; they appear as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This proposed legislation requires the agency charged with preservation of Florida’s non-renewable archaeological resources to […]