Maple Leaf Shipwreck National Historic Landmark damaged by construction?

(updated August 25) The steamboat Maple Leaf  was sunk by a Confederate mine on April 1, 1864, in the St. Johns River. This ship was under contract to the U.S. Army, and had on board the camp equipment and baggage of […]

In Plain Sight: State Archaeological Collections

In Plain Sight: State Archaeological Collections

Archaeological fieldwork involves the careful documentation and discovery of the remains of the past. Once the fieldwork is over, what happens to the artifacts? As scientists, archaeologists are obliged to carefully document and store the artifacts collected during excavations. Properly-curated […]

Isolated Finds 2016: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Bills recently introduced in the Florida Legislature (House Bill 803 and its companion Senate Bill 1054) really concern me; they appear as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This proposed legislation requires the agency charged with preservation of Florida’s non-renewable archaeological resources to […]

Collectors and Archaeologists working together: discovery of Don Tristan de Luna’s Florida settlement of 1559

The University of West Florida (UWF) Division of Anthropology and Archaeology announced today (December 17, 2015) the discovery of the site of the  ill-fated settlement of Don Tristan de Luna y Arrellano, dating from 1559. This site had eluded archaeologists […]

Artifact Amnesty Program for Florida?

The Florida Legislature, in the 2015-2016 General Appropriations Act, has charged the Florida Division of Historical Resources (DHR) with the task of “preparing a study of the feasibility of implementing a one-time amnesty program of limited duration for persons who […]

FPAN Steering Committee, University of West Florida, Pensacola 2005

FPAN Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Signing of MOA with DHR

On July 1, 2005, a public signing ceremony was held in downtown Pensacola near ongoing archaeological excavations being conducted by the University of West Florida UWF). Gathered were officials with UWF and the Florida Division of Historical Resources (DHR); the […]

The Confederate Flag and Florida’s Civil War Heritage Landscape

The Confederate Flag and Florida’s Civil War Heritage Landscape

Former State Historic Preservation Officer Fred Gaske and I have been watching with interest the nation’s – and Florida’s – reaction to the display of the Confederate Battle Flag on public property following the shocking murders in Charleston on June […]

Della at work.

Dr. Della Scott-Ireton honored with 2015 Senator Bob Williams Award

FPAN Associate Director Dr. Della Scott-Ireton, RPA, has been awarded one of Florida’s highest honors in Historic Preservation: the 2015 Senator Bob Williams Award. It was presented to her at the annual Florida Heritage Awards ceremony in Tallahassee on March […]

Roberts Award presented to FPAN

FPAN receives recognition by Society for Historical Archaeology

At the 48th annual Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology, convened in Seattle, the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) presented FPAN with its Daniel G. Roberts Award for Excellence in Public Historical Archaeology. Established in 2011 and first presented in […]