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On October 12th, the Broward County Commission voted to consolidate the Broward County Historical Commission into the Broward County Public Library system.  In doing so, they cut $275,000 out of the Historical Commission budget resulting in the termination of entire staff with the exception of the County Archaeologist.  The county administrator erroneously determined that the Public Library and Historical Commission staff had duplicate skills; therefore Library staff could take over the Commissions duties.   Unfortunately, no one at the Public Library (or other county departments) is a recognized professional in the field of history and preservation, and they lack the Historical Commission staffs’ unique skill sets of relating to the preservation and curation of Broward County’s past.   Please take a moment to write to Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl (, and let him know your concerns on this issue as a preservation-minded citizen.  I know that many of you may not be residents of Broward County, but this issue deserves a state-wide outcry.