Week 3, June 4-8th, Combined Field School 2012

This week bad weather had an effect on many of our dive operations. Rain and high winds prevented us from launching any dives on the Emanuel Point II wreck. There was also an incident regarding a local who attempted to swim out to our dive barge, which further prevented dive operations. On June 5th, Chris Dewey took a team out to the Convoy wreck, just off of NAS Pensacola, but high winds again prevented dive operations. However, despite the problems, we were able to conduct several operations up in the Black-water River/ Bay area. Students working on the Swingbridge wreck with Marisa Foster continued mapping the wreck, as well as removing some of the outer planking. They also brought several concretions and pieces of planking back. The concretions they brought back appeared to be primarily fasteners and nails. They also recovered several modern bottles from the wreck, which likely landed on the wreck long after it sank. Students also conducted side scan and magnetometer operations in the Black-water Bay area looking for the HMS Mentor, a Revolutionary War era British warship. Students target dove on several sites that had showed up on side scan sonar in a continued effort to locate the Mentor. Despite being unable to locate the Mentor, Aubrey Coates and Connor Bouressa were able to locate a small, fiberglass johnboat that had showed up on side-scan sonar. Both Dr. Bratten and Greg Cook also accompanied operations in the Black-water River and Bay area as well.

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