Week 2, May 29th – June 1st, Maritime Field School

The second week of the UWF Maritime Archaeology Field School was only a four-day week due to Memorial Day Weekend.  After reconvening from the holiday weekend, the field school was broken up into three different projects.  One of the three projects was the Swingbridge wreck, located in the Blackwater River.   The goals at this project site for this week included the set up of datum point for mapping and some scale drawings to add to the master site plan.

The second of the three projects for the week was at Emanuel Point II.  This wreck is located in Pensacola Bay and the university has a research barge established at the site.  The students and supervisors worked in the mid-ship unit and the stern unit.  The goal in the mid-ship unit was to dredge through the fluff overburden to reach undisturbed sediment.  In the stern unit, only a few centimeters down, there is hull structure and ballast, and the goal was to map these within the unit.

The third operation was survey.  These teams conducted both Side Scan Sonar surveys and Magnetometer surveys.  A portion of the Blackwater River and the Pensacola pass, near NAS Pensacola, were the two areas of survey.  On Friday the students involved in the survey process spent the day analyzing the data to establish potential targets for future target diving operations.

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