Week 5

The Final week of the first session ended on a high note, considering the weather was extremely uncooperative for any type of archaeology.  The week was spent at a number of the local attractions including FPAN, T.T. Wentworth and, the Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola.  The wind thwarted every attempt to dive, so we all decided that diving Morrison Springs was a good option midweek.  The amazing visibility enabled students and supervisors alike to work on SCUBA skills that included the use of a lift bag and the proper use of a reel line.  These skills were lead by our DSO Fritz and senior supervisor Joe Grinnan.  The only downside to diving the springs was the fact that it was chilly, the water temp runs at 68 toward the bottom of the spring.  On Friday, which ended the maritime portion of the students field school, we split them down the middle, with half going to the SwingBridge wreck while the others went target diving.  During the target dive supervisor Nicole Bucchino located a ballast stone in the darkness of the Blackwater River, which was very exciting!

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