Archaeology (a sub-discipline of Anthropology) contributes…

…a pretty big deal to Florida’s economy. The economic impacts of heritage tourism include 4.2 billion dollars of gross state product and 1.38 billion in taxes. Heritage tourism supports over 100,000 jobs by annual historic preservation activities. Check it out.



 …to the commemoration to our shared, unique past. Viva Florida 500 “is the anniversary of the cultural phenomenon that began when Ponce de Leon and crew walked ashore on Florida’s east coast and named the land La Florida.” Follow the link to see a couple important messages from Governor Scott and Secretary of State Browning.

…to future employment (courtesy Bureau of Labor Statistics).   

Swamp Thing and me some years ago holding a piece of outer hull sheathing recovered from a shipwrecked lumber bark near Pensacola. Photo Courtesy the University of West Florida Archaeology Institute and Lee-o-Tech Industries.

…to the development of educational workshops and trainings that inform the public about preserving Florida’s maritime heritage, historic cemeteries, and other publicly-owned archaeological sites. The Heritage Awareness Diving Seminar (HADS) is our soapbox under water. Through HADS, we strive to make the importance of preserving shipwrecks and other historic and archaeological sites under water as clear as can be. The Cemetery Resources Protection Training (CRPT), newly developed by the Northeast Regional Center of the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN), sets out a course to join FPAN staff to learn about cemetery care and preservation. Archaeological Resource Management training is offered by the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research (BAR) and introduces land managers to the nature of archaeological resources. These trainings are essential in the preservation and long term protection of Florida’s past. 


…to Florida’s official inventory to historical and cultural resources. 34,844 archaeological sites are listed in the Florida Master Site File.  The Site File also maintains copies of archaeological and historical survey reports and other manuscripts relevant to history and historic preservation in Florida. Site File staff are available to assist citizens, government agencies and historic preservation professionals in performing searches and obtaining information from our inventory.

…to science.

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  1. This is great! Thank you for doing this. This gets us toward the kind of by-the-numbers counter-punch John Hawks asked for–see my Anthropologists Unite: Florida Edition.

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