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Faunal-palooza Part 5: Otoliths

By: Becky O’Sullivan   Welcome to the final installment of faunal-palooza! I’ve already shown you the wonders of archaeological mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish; now for the grand finale….. Otoliths! Who doesn’t like a nice fish otolith, amirite? These tiny bony structures found in the ears of all vertebrates (we’re interested in the fish variety […]

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Faunal-palooza Part 4: Fish

By: Becky O’Sullivan   We’ve all been there…. chowing down on a delicious salmon filet when a translucent spine gets lodged in your gullet. This installment of faunal knowledge might not help you avoid these gastronomic hazards, but maybe it will make you take a second look at the bones you see in your fish […]

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