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Interview with an Archaeologist: Dr. John Arthur

In honor of Florida Archaeology Month and this year’s theme, Artisans of the Woodland, I visited one of the most famous Woodland Period (1000 BC to AD 1000) archaeological sites in Florida, the Weedon Island site. Dr. John Arthur, a professor at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) and incoming President of the Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education (AWIARE), is conducting a multi-year research project at the Weedon Island Preserve in St Petersburg, FL. This project includes excavations along with the help of graduate students from USF Tampa and USFSP undergraduate students. I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Arthur and his students and discuss all things archaeology and Weedon Island during one of their excavation days. Check out the interview with Dr. Arthur below to see what I learned!

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FPAN West Central Winter 2016 Newsletter

To check out the latest edition of the FPAN West Central Newsletter click this link: FPAN West Central Winter Newsletter

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From the Public Archaeology Trenches: Talking about Stone Tools

By: Becky O’Sullivan How do you make a concept like stages of lithic reduction interesting to the public? How do you convince people that tiny flakes of stone (not even arrow heads or stone knives) can be important to understanding people in the past? For public archaeologists such as myself, this is the sort of […]

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The Stars at Night are Big and Bright…. but are they the same ones the Paleoindians saw?

By: Brittany Yabczanka This year’s Florida Archaeology Month posters featuring photos by Curt Bowen of Little Salt Spring and Warm Mineral Springs are beautiful. We have learned that the coastline of Florida has changed dramatically, but you may be surprised to learn that the sky we see now is also not quite the same as […]

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Site Seeing: Paleoindians at the Harney Flats Site

By: Becky O’Sullivan You might not know it, but there is a good chance you recently drove over the earliest known archaeological site in the Tampa Bay area. But don’t worry, it happens thousands of times every day!     While some of the most famous documented Paleoindian sites in Florida are located either to our north in the panhandle or to our south at […]

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Re-Photography Exhibit in the Works for Crystal River Archaeological State Park

By: Rebecca O’Sullivan As an archaeologist I love to learn about the past through the clues people have left behind. As a public archaeologist I also love to go out of my way to share that experience of discovery and wonder with people who otherwise might not learn about the remnants of the past which […]

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Winter 2013 Newsletter is Here!

Check out the newest edition of the FPAN West Central newsletter and you might learn: what the Weedon Island canoe and modern paddle boarders have in common, why Becky has been wandering around her neighborhood looking at storm drains, Ryan’s favorite gastropod, all about our new interns in the West Central, what to look forward […]

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