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Archaeology at the DeSoto National Memorial Tabby Ruins

By: Becky O’Sullivan   During the last week in May 2016, archaeologists from the Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC) of the National Park Service were down in Bradenton to work at an amazing archaeological site at De Soto National Memorial. Hernando De Soto actually never set foot on the property, so we didn’t find any conquistador related […]

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Site Seeing: Paleoindians at the Harney Flats Site

By: Becky O’Sullivan You might not know it, but there is a good chance you recently drove over the earliest known archaeological site in the Tampa Bay area. But don’t worry, it happens thousands of times every day!     While some of the most famous documented Paleoindian sites in Florida are located either to our north in the panhandle or to our south at […]

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I’m Mayor of the FPAN WCRC! -by Zaida Darley

As a public archaeologist, I have to know what interests the public and try to use that interest to promote archaeology. Since my focus is archaeotourism, I wanted to see how the latest trend could be used to engage the public with archaeology. The trend for the moment is smart phones with its myriad of […]

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“Site”-Seeing the WCRC – by Zaida Darley

This is my first blog ever so I thought I would start by introducing my blog and myself. I am Zaida Darley, the Outreach Specialist for the West Central Region Center of FPAN. My task in this position is to work with local governments. That might sound boring to some but it is actually quite […]

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