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Gulf of Mexico, USS Narcissus


Wreck of the USS Narcissus

Gulf of Mexico, off Edgmont Key

USS Narcissus was a steam powered tug that was in U.S. service from its purchase in September 1863 until its loss in January 1866.  Narcissus served with the Gulf Blockading Squadron, participated in the Battle of Mobile Bay, and was later, in December 1864, sunk by a torpedo (mine) in Mobile Bay. She was raised and repaired in Pensacola and was returned to service with the blockading squadron. She sank in January 1866 off Edgmont Key with all hands.

Plans are underway, pending approval by the U.S. Navy, to add Narcissus as the newest of Florida's Underwater Archaeological Preserves (  Navy permission is required because the vessel is still owned by the Navy and because it is recognized by the Navy as a grave site. 

Florida's Underwater Archaeological Preserves are marked and site maps and information available from local dive shops.  All submerged archaeological sites, including shipwrecks, are protected by Florida law, and the Narcissus is protected as well by federal law.  Disturbance of the wreck site, or removal of artifacts, is illegal and is also just not a good idea - would you go to a local museum and think you could take the artifacts home with you?

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