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Uncle Bill Lundy

Highway 85 at East 1st Avenue

This monument is located on a small triangular median park in Crestview.  It is a bit unusual in that it was erected by the Crestview Lions Club rather than by any veteran group.

A manuscript on file at the Baker Block Museum states that Lundy was born on January 18, 1848 in Pike County, Alabama and enlisted in 1864 in Company D of the 4th Alabama Cavalry (Brown's Home Guards) at Elba Alabama.  He was 16 when he enlisted, and served until discharged due to the end of the war in May of 1865. However, recent research casts strong doubt on his alleged date of birth and service claim. 

He moved to Florida in 1890, raised ten children, and was eventually granted a Florida soldier's pension.  He died in Crestview at the age of 109 on December 1, 1957, and is buried at Almarante Cemetery in Laurel Hill, Florida.

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