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Centennial Park

Late 20th Century

2nd Regiment Infantry, U.S. Colored Troops

This monument is in downtown Fort Myers along the waterfront in Centennial Park.  It was a project of the City of Fort Myers.  The idea for the monument originated with the American Legion Post 192.

This is the only monument in Florida dedicated to the commemoration of the service of African American troops during the Civil War.  It is specifically dedicated to the 2nd Regiment United States Colored Troops.  The 2nd USCT was organized at Arlington, Virginia, in 1863 and was immediately assigned to the Department of the Gulf and served there until the end of the Civil War.  Companies of this unit saw service from New Orleans to Key West, including of course service in Fort Myers.

This monument depicts a non-commissioned officer (sergeant), which is unsual.  It is referred to locally as the Sgt. Clayton monument, allegedly because the sculptor said it would take a "ton of clay" (hence clay-ton), to sculpt the statue that is the centerpiece of the monument.

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