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Lynn Haven


In Memory of the Union Soldiers of the Civil War

Memorial Park

This monument is one of the few in Florida (though certainly not the only one) to commemorate Union soldiers and veterans.  According to the Lynn Haven Website. the town was promoted by W. H. Lynn who was a Union veteran and editor of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) National Tribune.  The GAR was the Union Veterans Association. 

A sign near the monument states that plans for the monument date to 1913. The website says that funds were raised for this monument by the local members of the GAR, who gave from their pensions, and by the Ladies Auxiliary of the GAR.  The bronze statue of a soldier to top the monument was purchased from the Mullins Company in Salem, Ohio.  The statue base is impressive in its own right and elevates this statute some 26 feet above the ground.

The soldier statue is of a well dressed and equipped private soldier standing at parade rest, musket on the ground in front.  The soldier wears a frock coat and forage cap, and a full knapsack with blanket rolled on top. 

The Lynn Haven website states that this monument is the only one south of the Mason Dixon line to honor Union soldiers, which is decidedly not the case as there are several others in Florida alone.

In the 1950s, the monument was rededicated to soldiers of all US wars.

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