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Confederate Dead

Munn Park

This handsome monument was erected in 1910 in Munn Park in Lakeland by the Lakeland Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  It was dedicated on June 3, 1910, with a large contingent of the Third Brigade of Confederate Veterans present to hear a speeck by Attorney-General Park M. Trammel.

This monument is the centerpiece of this park which is in the middle of downtown Lakeland.  It was dedicated on June 3, 1910, and was manufactured by the McNeel Marble Company of Marietta, Georgia.

The marble monument, which stands 26 feet tall, features a smartly uniformed Confederate private soldier, braced against a stump.  His socks are bloused around his pants, he sports a wide brimmed hat, an Enfield bayonet and cartridge box, and a haversack.  His belt is fastened around his shell jacket with a square buckle, and the soldier has a moustache and goatee.  He is standing at parade rest, with hands on his Enfield rifle-musket.

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