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Confederate Dead

Veterans Memorial Park, East Fort King Street and SE 25th Street

In 1908 a Confederate monument was erected on the grounds of the Marion County Courthouse in Ocala by the Dickison Chapter No. 56 United Daughters of the Confederacy.  It was dedicated on May 1, 1908.  The statue was manufactured by the McNeel Marble Company of Marietta, Georgia.   When a new courthouse was constructed to the west of this building, the earlier courthouse was torn down in order to constructing parking.  The monument, however, was not moved and remained on the courthouse grounds.  In the process of moving the courthouse, however, the monuments orientation to the courthouse changed from being on the southeast to being on the southwest corner of the courthouse grounds.

In 2007, in anticipation of construction of a new courthouse annex on the east side of the new courthouse, the monument was moved a slight distance to the west.  In 2011 the monument was relocated again, this time leaving the Courthouse grounds for a prominent place in Ocala's Veterans Park.  The monument was rededicated on April 16, 2011.

This is a very striking monument made of marble, and it features a very distinctive castle-like pediment to the pedestal on which the soldier stands.  This is unusual in Florida, but is very similar to the Gainesville Confederate monument.

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