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Old Town Vicinity

ca. 2005

American Veteran Monument

Highway 98 west of Old Town

Although I am uncertain when this monument was erected, it is a relatively recent addition to the landscape of Florida.  It was erected by the United Sons of the Confederacy of Dixie County, which was incorporated by the State of Florida in 2005.

Although this monument is dedicated to all American Veterans, a major purpose us also to honor Confederate veterans.  This is seen in the central granite monument, which carries the seal of the Confederate States of America and also the Southern Cross of Honor.  In the engraved text, the monument is specifically dedicated to Confederate veterans.  In addition, the Confederate national flag flies over the monument, along with the US flag, and a number of marble plaques commemorating individual Confederte service are part of the pavement in front of the central monument.

This monument is interesting in its attempt to roll service to the Confederacy into the concept of service to the United States of America.  I personally believe this is appropriate, but it is difficult to express on a monument such as this. 

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