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Plant City


Cow Cavalry Monument

old Plant City High School, corner of N. Collins St. and E. Gilchrist St.

This monument is dedicated to the "Cow Cavalry," which was a quasi-military unit raised in this area to gather and protect herds of Florida cattle as they were moved north to rail heads in Georgia and other destinations in the Confederacy.  By the time this unit was raised in 1863, Florida's large herds of cattle were recognized as essential to the provisioning of the large Confederate army.

This monument is located on the grounds of the old Plant City High School which is now the Quintilla Geer Bruton Archives Center.  It was dedicated on November 17, 2007.  Artist and sculptor of momument is Mike Bethune.

The monument was placed at this location, on City Property, without approval of the City Council which caused some controversy after its dedication.

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