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DeFuniak Springs


To The Memory of the Confederate Dead of Walton County

Walton County Courthouse Grounds

Only six years after the close of the Civil War, the Walton County Female Memorial Association erected a monument “to the memory of the Confederate dead of Walton County” at Euchee Valley Presbyterian Church.Valley Church was organized in 1827.The monument was subsequently moved to the small community of Eucheeanna which was the scene of a Civil War skirmish and located about 2.5 miles west of Valley Church.Eucheeanna was the county seat until the courthouse burned in 1885 at the hands of an arsonist.In 1886, Defuniak Springs, located about 6 miles to the northwest, was named the county seat.  The monument was relocated to the courthouse grounds in 1927 where is now resides surrounded by a circular sidewalk.

The monument is a marble obelisk on a marble base that today sits on a stepped masonry pyramid.Missing from the pediment of the monument is an urn containing a hand with a finger pointing to heaven (see historic photo).An inscription on its base shows that the marble monument was produced by A. Barret of New Orleans.The front of the monument—which now faces southeast—has a base with crossed cannons and a draped flag in bas relief, and on the obelisk above is inscribed “To the Memory of the CONFEDERATE DEAD of Walton Co. FLORIDA.Erected by the Ladies of the Walton County Female Memorial Association. 1871.” Other sides of the base of the monument are inscribed with names of Walton County dead, and a dedicatory poem.

The names of the dead inscribed on this monument speak volumes about the Scottish ancestry of residents of Walton County, and also about the family tragedies brought about by the war.

Also on the courthouse grounds is a state historical marker commemorating this first (Confederate) Civil War monument in Florida.This marker was placed in 1967.

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