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White Springs


To the Living Memory of Our Ancestors

On east side of I-75 immediately south of Exit 439 interchange (County Road 136), White Springs

This monument is right off the right-of-way of Interstate 75 just south of the interchange at County Road 136 which leads to White Springs.  It is easily visible from the interchange and the interstate because of the very large Confederate battle flag that is flying above the monument.  It is accessible only by going through the county farmer's market and through the large parking lots of a series of warehouses that are behind and connected to the farmer's market.

This monument was erected in 2002 by the Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The battle flag flying over this monument is very prominent, and the monument itself is very unsual in that it is a listing of, it seems, of ancestors of the sponsors.  It consistes of five upright granite monoliths (two paired monloiths on either side of a central dedication monolith), and a granite obelisk.  These contain the names of literally hundreds of names of Confederate soldiers who are apparently the ancestors of Florida SCV members--they are from all branches of service and all states.

I doubt many people driving by actually know that there is a monument here as at 75 miles per hour all they probably notice is the really big flag.  There are no signs on the county road directing visitors to this location.

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