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Thursday, Mar 8, 2012

Mosquitoes, Muggles, and Museums

Time: 12:00 pm til 1:00 pm

Location: Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida

Description: Are you ready to get outside and explore Northwest Florida’s archaeology and history?
Forget your fedoras and bullwhips; pick up a GPS device and go geocaching!
Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt game. Players try to locate hidden
containers, called caches, using GPS devices and share their experiences online.
FPAN recently created a series of geocaches hidden at historic and archaeological sites
across northwest Florida to increase awareness that these places are out there and they are open for you to visit. This presentation describes how geocaching works, what
you need to play, and a unique geocaching adventure created by FPAN that will take
you back in time through northwest Florida’s history and archaeology

FPAN is hosting this event.

Beyond our Backyard: Archaeology around the World Lecture Series

Time: 7:00 pm til 8:00 pm

Location: J. Earle Bowden Bld., 120 E Church St., Pensacola, FL

Description: In celebration of Florida Archaeology Month, March 2012!

Beyond our Backyard: Archaeology around the World lecture series every Thursday in March

March 8: Chuck Meide, Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP)
"Maritime Archaeology at Achill Island, Ireland,”

See flyer for complete schedule.

FPAN is hosting this event.

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