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Graduate Assistantships

University of West Florida:

The FPAN Assistantship in Public Archeology is offered to an incoming UWF graduate student in Anthropology or Historical Archaeology. Support includes tuition during fall and spring semesters (summer support may be available) plus a quarter-time assistantship for the first two years and a half-time assistantship during the third year. During the first two years, the student holding this position will work in the public archaeology program for the Northwest Florida region under the supervision of the Region’s Public Archaeologist, Dr. Della Scott-Ireton. During the third year the student will work directly with FPAN Executive Director Dr. William Lees Dr. Scott-Ireton on a thesis representing a substantive contribution to the field of public archaeology or to public archaeology programming in Northwest Florida.

Students interested in this Graduate Assistantship should be prepared to make a three-year commitment to the Florida Public Archaeology Network culminating in preparation of a thesis focusing on public archaeology.

For more information contact Dr. William Lees via wlees@uwf.edu, phone 850-595-0051.

Board Positions

The Florida Public Archaeology Network is advised by a volunteer public board. The board consists of 11 members, including 3 members from the University of West Florida (appointed by the University), 1 member appointed by the Florida Archaeological Council, 1 member appointed by the Florida Anthropological Society, the State Archaeologist (ex officio), 2 at-large members who are Florida residents, 2 at large members who are not Florida residents, and 1 at-large Florida resident who represents the lay public (not an archaeologist). Applications will be accepted at any time for any of the 5 at large positions; they will be held for consideration during the mid-year board meeting prior to the exclusion of the current terms.  Applications are also accepted from members of the Florida Archaeological Society and the Florida Archaeological Council for individuals interested in representing those organizations, but will be forwarded to the boards of those organizations for consideration when these positions are reappointed.

At their October 31 2013 meeting the FPAN Board of Directors will consider applications for 1 At-Large In State member of the Board, 1 At-large Out of State member of the Baord, and the At-Large Lay Person member of the Board, with the appointments to be effective on July 1, 2014.

The Florida Archaeological Council will reappoint their representative to the FPAN Board in May of 2014, with the appointment to be effective on July 1, 2014.

For additional information on the duties of the board, consult the FPAN Memorandum of Agreement, or contact Dr. William B. Lees, Executive Director, at wlees@uwf.edu or 850-595-0051.

To apply, complete the application and send to Cheryl Phelps at cphelps@uwf.edu.