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Thursday, Apr 12, 2012

Swamp Life: People, Gators & Mangroves Entanged in the Everglades

Time: 7:00 am til 8:00 pm

Location: Deering Estate Auditorium, 16701 S.W. 72nd Ave., Miami

Description: Laura Ogden is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Florida International University and an author. She uses her investigative experiences to provide a realistic picture of what it was like to live in the Everglades. Laura Ogden conducted fieldwork in the Everglades during her studies, and she co-authored a book with Glenn Simmons who was a pioneer gladesman. That book is titled Gladesmen: Gator Hunters, Moonshiners & Skiffer. Laura’s recently published book is the title for this lecture, Swamp Life: People, Gators & Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades.

FPAN is hosting this event.