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This ship was a steam ship launched in 1898. It was transporting coal at the time it sank in 1900. The Captain was found to be at fault for the sinking because of improper navigation. The shipwreck now lies between 15 and 30 feet of water.


Located within this small park overlooking the Intracoastal waterway is a prehistoric Native American burial mound. The mound has a well-marked trail with informative signage relating to the Native American occupation of the site.

Long Key is the largest of the 'islands' known as Sam Jones' Seven Islands. The park consists of 157 acres of oak hammocks and restored wetlands that was, as recently as 100 years ago, part of the Everglades. Records of human settlement on Long Key date back to at least 1000BC with the Tequesta Indians.

Snake Warrior Island historically was a tree island in the Eastern Everglades, and is now a 53 acre park. This park was home to Seminole tribal members as early as 1828. Interpretative signage for the historic use of this land circles a recreated marsh area.

Other Sites

The Seminole Okalee Indian Village highlights culture and history of the Seminole People. The facility introduces visitors to the Tribal ways of life through live arts and crafts demonstrations in our authentic Seminole Village.