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Upcoming Events

Sep, 16 @ 6:00 pmin the
FPAN Event
Pirates! The Last Scourge of the Gulf

Sep, 17 @ 10:00 amin the
FPAN Event
Archaeology Lab Volunteer Day

Sep, 17 @ 2:00 pmin the
FPAN Event
As You Are Now, So Once Was I: Decoding Florida’s Cemeteries

Sep, 17 @ 3:00 pmin the
FPAN Event
The Calusa: Florida’s First Maritime People

Sep, 17 @ 6:00 pmin the
FPAN Event
Bioarchaeology of a Prehistoric Burial Mound from Sarasota

Sep, 18 @ 9:00 amin the
FPAN Event
American Cultural Resources Association Conference

Sep, 18 @ 10:00 amin the
FPAN Event
ACRA Workshop: Bringing it to the People: Making Archeology Public

Sep, 18 @ 10:00 amin the
FPAN Event
Archaeology Works: Shells

Sep, 18 @ 5:30 pmin the
FPAN Event
Mysteries in the Deep: Underwater Arch for Teens + boat activity

Sep, 18 @ 7:00 pmin the
FPAN Event
Literacy and Language ot the Timucuan Peoples


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What is FPAN?

The Florida Public Archaeology Network's mission is to promote and facilitate the conservation, study and public understanding of Florida's archaeological heritage through regional centers, each of which has its own website. To learn more about a region and to visit their site, have a look at our region map or choose a location from the list of regions above.

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